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mobile-first population health management and member engagement

Integrating lifestyle, prevention, care, and technology to address our shared challenge


Support an always-on relationship. How your members live. Automate engagement at scale with your custom app, messaging, HRA/screening, connected health devices, and integrated incentives.


Turn engagement, clinical, and claims data from disparate sources into real-time health intelligence with analytics and dashboards. Help users stay actively aware of their health status how they can best maintain or improve.


Raise awareness, make everyday decisions matter. With automated messaging, incentives and connected devices. And, a toolkit for health coaches and care professionals including HIPAA compliant alerts and messaging.

HIPAA Secure, Cloud Based, Mobile First

supporting the shift to value based care

1bios is for organizations seeking the best possible health for all members


Engage and activate members to reduce cost and help everyone enjoy healthier lives. Learn more about how insurers and TPA's are using realtime health engagement to better manage risk, delight customers, and improve the bottom line.


Collaborate with patients and partners to achieve great health and business outcomes. Learn more about how care providers of all types are using 1bios to improve profitability while helping everyone achieve their best health.


Improve quality and reduce costs with proactive programs and member support. See how all parties are winning with easy to use mobile first care management solutions for general wellness, hypertension, obesity, pre-diabetes, and more.

The future of health care is in the hands of consumers

how we're different

Effective solutions at a fraction of the time and cost


Proven across tens of thousands of consumers with beautiful web, mobile, iOS and Android apps that are simple to use and let your users engage you and their health like the rest of their lives -- in realtime, online and mobile.


Use a mobile first presence, behavioral science, incentives and human support to influence behavior. Turn health engagement into improved health status for consumers and organizations.


Get the only effective solution within reach of every budget. Enjoy deployment in weeks with turnkey program integration and proven solutions. All backed by a shared success model and continuous improvement and support.

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