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mobile-first engagement, disease management, virtual care reimbursement

Health monitoring and engagement technologies to improve outcomes and profits


Mobile-first member and patient engagement at scale. Custom App, HRA/screening (NCQA approved templates available), digital messaging, connected health devices, challenges, and incentives.


Disease management, care management, custom or off the shelf. Assign care plan tasks, use automated time tracking. Turnkey, customizable configurations for Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, and more.


Earn $40 to $200 per patient per month for 2020 remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), and other mHealth CPT codes. Automated tracking, FDA approved devices and more.

HIPAA Secure, Cloud Based, Mobile First

helping plans and providers thrive with state of the art connected health tools

1bios helps you go beyond your EHR to improve health outcomes and your bottom line


Engage and activate members to help everyone enjoy healthier lives. Learn more about how plans are using 1bios to better manage risk, improve NCQA ratings, gain customers, support disease and care management programs, and improve the bottom line.


Collaborate with patients to achieve positive health outcomes while earning new revenue from mHealth program incentives. Learn more about how fee-for-service providers are using 1bios to innovate and thrive in a rapidly changing market.


Tailor connected care programs for patients, ACO participants, health plan and community members. See how 1bios can provide solutions that help you succeed across the business and health status continuum for everyone in your population.

Use consumer smartphones, wearables and FDA approved devices to improve outcomes and profits

how we're different

Real-time monitoring and engagement at a fraction of the time and cost


Proven web, mobile, iOS and Android apps that are simple to use, highly configurable, and let your users engage you and their health like the rest of their lives -- in real-time, online and mobile.


Choose from highly customizable turnkey programs or build your own from scratch from our modules. Either way, get the features you need and remove the rest so your staff and consumers can accomplish what matters.


1bios offers a unique combination of broad and advanced connected health functionality, configurability, time to market, and shared success pricing models. There is no better value available.

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